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The Future of People: Unlocking Potential and Reskilling the Workforce

Monday 27th June


Educational think tank, The Sutton Trust, says that the UK’s top professions remain disproportionately populated by people who went to independent schools. The military, judges, journalists and actors are all singled out as professions that are skewed towards private education.

This day event will look at how we can unlock people’s potential in different ways. Do too many people get written off because of their schooling or because of bad decisions they make in their lives? How can employers support people and give them a second chance?

Facilitated by Clare McGregor.


Challenging Assumptions

An entertaining international perspective on recruiting those we normally overlook. Looking in the same places with tried and tested methods leads to incremental growth not exponential step change. The more unusual the pool and greater the risk, the greater the potential. Hear how unleashing new talent can surprise and delight you, as well as rewarding your business.

Speaker: Liz Cross, Founding Partner and MD, The Connectives 

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Beyond Oxbridge

Is a degree losing its status? At the beginning of the year publisher, Penguin Random House said job applicants no longer needed a university degree. Consultants, Price Waterhouse Coopers said they would stop using A level grades as a way of selecting recruits. So is a degree from a top UK university no longer necessary? Or are some degrees ‘better’ than others? And where else might employers find bright sparks?


Iwan Griffiths, PwC

Ren Kapur, X Forces

Omar Khan, Runnymede Trust

Peter Garden, Executive Director, Performance and Learning, Liverpool Philharmonic


Clare McGregor

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LUNCHTIME SESSION 1230-1400: In Harmony, Liverpool Philharmonic


The Genius Within – Understanding Neurodiversity

Cheryl Winter Genius Within, a social enterprise which facilitates people with neurodiversity to achieve their potential. 

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Prison Break

 It is often the strangest and most ‘out there’ ideas that provide the greatest rewards, and none more so than James Timpson’s maverick approach to recruitment. Working closely with the Prison Service, Timpson’s identify potential candidates inside prisons who have the right kind of personality – ‘it’s in the eyes’ says James – to make it on release working within the business. James will be joined by Clare McGregor, who coaches people inside prison and helps them set up their own businesses.

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