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The Future of Sustainability: This Green and Pleasant Land?

24th June


The sustainability agenda is too embedded in ‘less’. Zero waste, zero carbon, waste minimisation. It doesn’t embrace ‘better’ or diversity enough. We all know that the world’s resources are finite. And we know we need to impact less on the environment. But how can business achieve this whilst still growing or at least remaining healthy? The good news is, we seem to be moving away from companies paying lip service to sustainability and using it as a way of being profitable. This day-long session, facilitated by Mark Shayler, is a celebration of the ways we can all come together to decouple growth and impact, and to recreate our green and pleasant land.


Doing things better and doing better things.

Mark Shayler, author of Do Disrupt: Change The Status Quo or Become It

Mark’s TED-style talk explains how he works with companies to encourage them to embrace genuine change, not just ‘greenwash’. He’ll look too at the future of energy and ask how communities can work together to be more sustainable.

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The Future is Ethics – what’s all this about a B Corp?

‘B’ stands for benefit - social and environmental, as well as financial. It also stands for the ‘B’ in ‘be the change’. If 20th century capitalism was obsessed with maximising profits, success in business will be redefined in the 21st century. So claim the protagonists of the B Corp idea. As younger consumers expect companies to create social and environmental value alongside profits, we hear about how the B Corp concept is catching fire in the UK. 


James Perry, co-founder and Director of COOK, one of the UK’s first B Corporations

Mark Cuddigan, Managing Director, Ella’s Kitchen

Debbie Ryan, Social Stock Exchange

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This Green and Pleasant Land? – The New Industries

Sustainable industrial policy is worth £10 billion a year and 300,000 new jobs. So what are these new industries? We hear about three: offshore wind, hydrogen fuel cell cars that emit only water, and graphene. 


Vanessa O’Connell, Dong Energy

Sarah Haigh, National Graphene Institute

Hugo Spowers, Chief Engineer and Founder, Riversimple

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This Green and Pleasant Land? – Redefining the Traditional Industries

The urge to be greener and cleaner is not just confined to new industries. Traditional industries are making great strides in becoming more efficient (or green). Is this no longer for people choosing ‘alternative lifestyles’? There’s big money in it. We will hear how even your pension fund could be speeding up the shift towards greener energy.

This session will start with an introduction from Teresa Hitchcock at DLA Piper. She will explain what the Paris Climate Change agreement means for companies.


Joanne Segars, Chief Executive, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

Dr Caroline Jessel, Lead for Sustainability and Health, South Region, NHS England

Heidi Hauf, Forum for the Future

Teresa Hitchcock, Partner, Head of Environment, DLA Piper

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